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Privacy Policy

Credit Restoration

This Credit Restoration Educational Service Contract between Credit for Life, Inc. (“Credit for Life”) and the undersigned “Client” (refers to each Individual and in the case of a couple, each Individual is a Client) is for the purpose of purchasing credit restoration educational documents (the “Educational Program”) and certain defined services. The Educational Program will assist you in understanding bankruptcy, guidelines and examples of draft letters for transmittal to creditors hardship letters pertaining to inability of making timely payment on the terms and conditions established by the credit, draft templates for responding to claims asserted by a collection agency or law firm retained by creditor for debt collection services, educational materials explaining the Fair Isaac Corporation (“FICO”), a behavioral model used by Lenders, Creditors, Employers, Insurance Companies, etc. in determining creditworthiness, educational materials for applying for residential mortgage for primary residence, educational documents for how to successfully re-establish credit after bankruptcy, a template budget worksheet with commentary to be used from the onset of this program to give you a benchmark for what is realistic and in determining your priorities as you create a foundation for future of handling of your income to fulfill your financial goals. Additionally, Credit for Life will provide “Services” of obtaining your credit history, researching the data, preparing correspondence related to any discrepancies and sending to credit reporting agency to request removal of erroneous, incomplete, outdated, misrepresented, or unverifiable information that appears on the credit history report. This is not a debt consolidation or bill payment program. Further, the educational materials and Services rendered pursuant to this Service Contract are not intended to be nor should they be construed to be a legal opinion or a substitute for a legal opinion with respect to any area of law, including but not limited to, bankruptcy. Federal law requires that any unverifiable, outdated, incomplete or erroneous information must be removed from consumer credit reports by the credit reporting agencies. Credit for Life agrees to use its best efforts to provide these Services, and will perform them in accordance with federal and state laws.

Your privacy is important to us. We DO NOT disclose any information about you to anyone, except as permitted by law. Access to your information is restricted to those employees who need to know that information to provide service to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect this information. By law, your information is properly disposed of after the statute of limitations has expired.


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